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What is an Accredited Investor

In its simplest form, an accredited investor is a person with income exceeding $200,000 in each of the two most recent years, or joint income with a spouse exceeding $300,000, or has an individual or joint net worth exceeding $1 million excluding their primary residence.



Real Estate is possibly the Best Asset Class to invest in.

Given the recent volatility in the stock market we thought it might be time to take a look at investing in Commercial Real Estate. Commercial real estate is one of the most dynamic investment classes in the world. Commercial real estate is the only major asset class that produces high yields, significant equity buildup, can be efficiently leveraged for large gains, has the security of a hard asset that you can see and touch (intrinsic value regardless of an income stream), and provides some of the best tax advantages.

Commercial Real Estate Produces Significantly More Income.

One of the biggest advantages of Commercial Real Estate is the high annual cash returns it produces. In fact, a commercial real estate income stream can produce three times the average stock dividend yield and four times the average bond yield. The chart below demonstrates the income each asset class produces based on a $1 million investment.
















Magnify Your Equity Return Using Leverage

Real Estate also allows for magnified equity buildup on a shorter-term basis by using financing, which is illustrated below. If you were to purchase a $10 million asset all cash and sell the asset in the future at $11 million, you have made $1 million profit, a 10% return. However, if you were to purchase a $10 million asset utilizing only $2 million of your own money and financing the remaining (allowing the rental income to make the debt payments), then sell the asset, you have also made $1 million profit, however achieved a 50% return.


Equity Increase

We’ve given you just two reasons commercial real estate might make sense to you but there are many more. If you would like more educational tools or are interested investing in a hard asset with great cash returns let us know.

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