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These are medium-to-high risk investments focused on delivering medium-to-higher returns. In value-add investments we focus on purchasing underperforming property at a favorable price, add value through our expertise, reposition the asset, and sell it at a higher price.


In some cases we look for properties that are stabilized and do not require substantial repositioning. With these properties we seek to improve value through expense management and rent increases allowing us to sell the property at a higher price delivering moderate risk and returns.


These properties are higher risk requiring a high degree of improvement thus yielding higher potential returns. This might include, vacant properties, ground up development projects or raw land.



Property Sourcing

Realvest Investment Services is a division of NAI Realvest and as such utilizes our 30 Orlando sales associates combined with NAI Global’s more than 150 sales associates throughout the state of Florida and more than 6,700 sales associates globally as our “feet on the street” allowing us to see more opportunities yielding more results.

Managing Risk

We manage risk by purchasing properties that meet our strategic fit, investment objectives and quantitative goals. Additionally, in order to manage against a market downturn we will not leverage a property more than 70%. Our target Loan to Value (LTV) ratio is 60% and our target Debt Coverage Ratio (DCR) is 1.35.

Due Diligence

Utilizing NAI Realvest’s 25 years of experience in Property Management, Leasing and Sales our team creates a repositioning plan for each property prior to acquisition to ensure we achieve projected results.

Repositioning & Stabilization

Realvest’s Property Management team works with our experienced vendors to implement our repositioning plan while our Leasing team works with our Marketing department to get the best fit tenants for the asset.



Our Asset Management team works with our Property Management and Leasing teams to implement cost-effective improvements to maximize property value.


Utilizing Realvest, NAI Global and C-III’s extensive database of buyers and resources to optimize the property sale.


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